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When taking care of your tattoo it is important to understand that some tattoos require different treatment than others, that is why it is really important to follow your artists recommendations. These are just general guidelines. The recommendations from your artist will always go before this guide, so listen to your artist.

Normal aftercare period is 2-3 weeks.


There are 2 types of bandages.
1. Normal plastic bandage with tape. Take off the bandage after 1-3 hours (leave on for a maximum of 12 hours)

2. Klinderm (second skin), Leave it on for max 5 days you, when you take it off move to the next step.

Wash the tattoo 3 times a day with normal soap and water.

Keep the tattoo moist with Pantenol tattoo cream.

DO NOT expose the tattoo to the sun

No swimming in the sea, tub or pool.

No scratching

No tight clothes, shoes, socks and so on, keep the tattoo free.


If there is an issue or if you are unsure, contact your artist on their personal Instagram with a picture of the problem or come by the studio. Do not call us on the phone, we need to see what the problem is.

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