All our artists are self-employed and their booking practices can vary.
Some artists require a partial payment when booking a session. The payment size depends on the length of the session, and can be paid in 2 ways.

Cash: Refundable if appointment is cancelled at least 48 hours before, and you can provide your receipt.

MobilePay: Non-refundable at any time even if cancelled in a timely manner, this is to comply with rules set by NETS for the use of mobilepay.

You need to be 18 years old at the time of getting the tattoo, but appointments can be made prior to your 18th birthday. Plz bring a valid picture ID at this time to verify your age.

If you change your design prior to your appointment plz notify the artist asap, so the artist can change the booking, to correctly match the new design, or cancel and recommend another artist if it falls outside the artist style.

If you need to cancel your appointment or re-schedule, plz call our reception at +45 21 26 21 52 within our phone hours, check Contact info on the front page.

Late cancellations (within 48 hours of appointment) and no-shows will lose their deposit. DO NOT waste our time.