Consultation Day!!

When? Wednesday, 28th of june, I’ll be at the shop between 10.00 and 15.00 to talk about your next project.

Please make sure you read FAQ at the bottom of this post.

First in first served is not how I book this time around, meaning I will cherrypick and choose the most unique and challenging projects after the consultation days. This is how I feel most comfortable and deliver the best results for you and for myself, having freedom over the design is key. This sadly means I won’t be tattooing some of you, so make sure you take a look at my awesome colleagues that also deliver high quality work. You can see that their work at

Here’s how!

-Come by the shop at Abel Cathrinesgade 31, Vesterbro. We’ll have a quick chat about the design. Please note that I won’t be doing the actual bookings this day and there’s no guarantees of an appointment.

-When I have talked to everyone I will go through my notes and our assistants will give you a call to set up the appointments. Please remember, I won’t be able to offer an appointment to all since I only do one or two client each day. There will be required a deposit to finalize the appointment.

Clients from abroad or out-of-towners are welcome to send an E-mail to Copy paste and fill out the required information. I do NOT do mail ping pong, and expect to receive all information in the first message.

-Required information: -Theme/idea of tattoo -Contact information -Placement Special skin conditions if you got any

Attach any refference photos.

I’m super excited and hope to see old and new clients for some awesome tattoos!


------------------------ FAQ: I currently charge 1200dkk per hour. Cash no creditcards. Deposit of 500DKK will be requested.

I expect 100% freedom on placement, size, details and contrast of the final design. This will be based on your idea, but with my take on it. If you insist on a bad design, I will let you know, and I won't make the tattoo.

I always use photo references for my work. I choose the final photo and composition.

Ideas, for any reason, Im not comfortable with or feel I can't deliver with a good result, will not be considered. Keep this in mind before requesting an appointment.

Clients coming from abroad should order with 'cancellation fee' incase I must cancel the appointment, in the case of reschedule I will cover the fee. Remember documentation.

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