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Every Friday and Saturday are WALK IN days. These 2 days we work 100% without appointments and clients get a spot on a first come first served basis. We allow a maximum of 1.5 hour projects per person (this includes drawing/design time). We reserve the right to refuse any project that dosen't fit the artists style, or is to big for walk in.
We don't do free touch-ups on walk in days, no cover ups, no tattoos that circle the arm or legs. When you come to the shop we will take your information, time estimate the design, and give you a number in the cue. We then call you 30 minutes before its is your turn, so plz enjoy Copenhagen. Stay within 30 minutes travel time of the studio.
And last of all, plz be patient. We don't rush our work and the person in front of you deserves our 100% attention, same as you when its your turn. Plz let us work and wait your turn. Do not drop by or call to ask how far we are in the cue and when it is your turn.

If you are looking for a special artist for walk in, check our social media. We post the work schedule every Thursday, right before the walk in.

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