welcome to Miks Tattoo

We are a Custom Tattoo Studio in the heart of Copenhagen, denmark. We are one of the oldest shops in town and have a great heritage in the danish tattoo sceen.

We have 7 award winning resident artists and 1 apprentice, we have experts in almost all styles.

We do custom work by apointment, but we are not shy to do a walk in if we have the time, so if you are in the area for a short time drop by and have a chat. We will do what ever we can do acomidate you.

If you have any questions use the "Kontakt" tab in the top where you will fine our opening hours and phone hours, your also more then welcome to send os a message on Instagram or Facebook.

Enjoy your stay on our page and hope to se you in the shop!!

Best Regards The Miks Tattoo Crew